[Customizable] Badass Lady Club Sticker

[Customizable] Badass Lady Club Sticker

Copper Bloom
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Know a perfect lady who is a badass and has amazing adventures, or works her ass off, or literally anything you want to celebrate?! Tell us her (or your) 3 unique traits, and I will customize this sticker for you or her!!

Write your message about this badass woman and/or 3 of the traits you wish to shout out in the box at checkout.

If you do not write anything during your order, and wish to send an email, that is ok too, but your order will be on hold until it is received.

Any customizations or alteration requests (color, size, etc.) don't hesitate to reach out before ordering!



- Die-cut vinyl
- Waterproof
- For use on laptop, tablet, notebook, phone, water bottle, or ANYTHING you wish!
- Dimensions: 3 in. x 3 in. /  Color: Sage green, as pictures (but custom requests for a different color is absolutely welcome!)
- Designed, manufactured, and printed in the US.


- Processing time ranges from 2 to 10 business days
- USPS Shipping

Want a custom design? Send us an email: copperbloomcreative@gmail.com
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